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A Wholesale Candle Retailer Bringing the Power of Prayer

In these uncertain times, nothing is more powerful than the act of prayer to bring balance to your mind and gratitude to your heart. The chaos of daily life can be overwhelming, and taking a step back to reflect and meditate rejuvenates our spirits with hope.

Invite beauty and blessings into your home with the carefully crafted candle offerings from Crusader Candle Company, Inc. As a wholesale candle retailer, we have divinely inspired candles for every occasion. Our mission is to transform your home into a place of peace and spiritual sanctity.

From Our Family to Yours

Since 1946, our family-owned company has been providing comforting candles and quality customer service from coast-to-coast. We’ve proven ourselves to be the industry leaders, selling spiritual sentiments with pride. While we experience no shortage of requests for our high-quality custom candles in Brooklyn, NY, our passion knows no boundaries.

A Trademark Stamp with Sacred Symbolism

Being a wholesale candle retailer with a mission to share messages of love, Crusader Candle Company, Inc. uses only the finest quality wax, colors, scents, and glass. You’ll know you’ve received your blessing when you find our trademarked Lucky Horseshoe stamp on the bottom of your candle.

With such a distinctive way to separate ourselves from the mainstream, you can rest assured knowing you’ve received this gift with the purest of intention and to enlighten your soul.

Contact our trusted team to learn more about our inspirational assortment today.

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