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Colorful and Thoughtful Prayer Candles in Brooklyn, NY

The act of prayer is a powerful tool. It is an opportunity to tune out the hustle and bustle of daily life, offering a moment to collect one’s thoughts, express gratitude, and be at peace with one’s spirituality. At Crusader Candle Company, Inc., we know how indispensable prayer can be. To that end, we offer a wide selection of prayer candles in Brooklyn, NY. Whether you are adorning your home shrine or simply require a thoughtful accent to your home decor, let us be your source for divinely inspired candles.

About Our Religious Candles Collection

More than eight years ago, our production facility was graced by the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The image of Mary, mother of Jesus, had blessed our business. Since then, we have enshrined Her likeness with flowers and candles--an expression of gratitude for protecting our facility and livelihood. 

Just as Our Lady offers her grace, we hope that our religious candles will inspire you to make the most of your daily life. We offer many candles in an array of colors and designs. Many of our pieces include art on the glass depicting a variety of Biblical scenes and common prayers. Also, our collection includes pieces inspired by the religious and spiritual traditions from around the world. 

Colors can inspire and set a specific mood for your meditations. To that end, we create candles in a variety of different colors. We have products that use a single hue of wax, as well as combinations that can incorporate up to seven different colors. 

A Candle for Every Occasion

Our prayer candles make a great addition to your home. Since we have many products that come in different sizes and colors, you can mix and match to create a personal shrine. 

Our candle catalog also includes glass designs featuring different saints from the Christian canon. Use these candles as a way to offer your prayers for protection or guidance. 

Different occasions call for different candles. If your meditations and offerings have a specific goal in mind, we also sell candles that may fit your intentions. Many of our prayer candle designs also include appeals for good fortune, steady work, good health, and more. 

Diversify Your Inventory - Wholesale Options Available

Store and gift shop owners: we would love to help your business succeed. Our candle company can also fill wholesale orders. As a wholesale candle retailer, we can produce prayer candles in bulk. Simply contact us for pricing, and we will customize the order to meet your needs.

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